AAPS Community Scholarships, Grants and Applications


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Application Deadline:  October 31, 2023

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Grant applications for projects ranging from $500 - $5,000 will be considered.

The Selection Committee will consider the following areas when selecting applications to fund. Be sure to include relevant considerations in your application:

  • Projects that are connected to one or more Literacy Essentials Essential Practices
  • Projects that put literacy resources into the hands of students.
  • Projects that support striving readers
  • Projects that enhance the curriculum and promote educational excellence.
  • Collaboration between two or more AAPS schools or among grades/classrooms in the same school. Nonprofit partners are also encouraged.
  • Projects supporting underserved students.
  • Sustainable projects that can be replicated in other schools in subsequent years.
  • A project that will go beyond traditional curricular materials and efforts.

When stating the population/grade levels that will be served, be sure to address the possible short- and long-term impacts on students and/or the greater school community.

Your budget items should be specific and represent a responsible use of funds.

Terms of Grant:
 In the event your grant is funded, you must agree to the following terms:
Classroom Grant Terms and Conditions

About the Karen Thomas Fund:
The Karen Thomas Fund provides grants principally for elementary school projects and programs that encourage and promote literacy, support academic retention programs, augments reading materials in elementary school media centers and other projects and programs to help develop literacy in elementary school students, with an emphasis on projects that help struggling readers.
This fund was established in 2008 following the death of local writer Karen Thomas, herself a voracious reader.
A note from Andy Thomas, former trustee on the AAPS Board of Education
“Karen, my wife of 38 years, was absolutely passionate about reading, and especially loved children’s literature. I can think of no better way of memorializing her than by passing on her love for the classics to the next generation. I cherish the many letters of appreciation I received from Mr. Merante’s students expressing their appreciation for these classic books.”

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